Packaging wood from China

In worldwide trade, there is a notable increase in the use of packaging wood. Unfortunately, this means harmful organisms inhabiting the wood can be unwittingly and unintentionally spread to other countries. Therefore, packaging wood has to meet certain requirements. For the import of packaging wood in regard to the transport of (natural) stone products from China, mandatory inspection was implemented at April 2, 2013. The reason for this implementation was the regular discovery of harmful longhorn beetles in the shipments.

The inspection requirement means that the importer must register the imported goods with the NVWA, after which an NVWA inspector checks the shipment. The inspection takes place at an authorised inspection site. The sites of De Boer Transport are certified inspection sites. If everything is in order, the shipment is cleared. If the shipment is rejected, it must be quarantined and certain measures are taken. De Boer Transport offers the possibility to quarantine the property and can also provide treatment. This way, the goods always remain in-house. The logistics service provider ensures that you can quickly access your goods.

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verpakkingshout uit china bij De Boer transport De Rijp Echt