Hazardous substances in ocean containers

Ocean containers may contain hazardous substances. On the one hand these are toxic gases/pesticides with which the containers are treated in the country of origin to ensure that the cargo is protected from pests, and to prevent fungi, insects and bacteria from arriving in the country of destination. Containers with packaging wood (such as pallets) for example, are often fumigated to prevent the spread of exotic insects. In addition, a container can contain dangerous gases because the packaging of a dangerous substance is leaking/damaged. It also happens that harmful substances are emitted in the production of transportable goods. During the transportation, the concentrations increase. Resultant chemical processes in the cargo may lead to the release of substances and the removal of oxygen from the cargo, in turn leading to risks in the opening of the container. These risks include suffocation, intoxication, intoxication or fire. All these risks require extremely cautious gas-measuring and degassing procedures.

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