Environment and safety

Intermodal solutions

De Boer Transport always strives for maximum customer solution. Therefore the logistics service provider combines truck transportation with air, sea, rail and inland waterways. De Boer Transport has truck stands at various locations near container terminals to personally coordinate the storage and handling of goods. These intermodal solutions have many advantages: excellent service for the customer, a large economic benefit and the relief of the international network through fewer transport movements by truck. This intermodal model is very environmentally friendly, and led to De Boer Transport to be given the Lean and Green Award. This award is given to organisations that commit to a twenty percent CO2 reduction in five years for their approved strategy.

Another boost for the environment is the use of Eco combis; extra-long trucks designed to bring the number of transport movements and mileage down to a minimum and thus reduce emissions. De Boer Transport was the first in the Netherlands to recognise the concept of Longer Heavier Vehicles (LHVs, also called super truck or Eco Combi) and to participate in their use. De Boer Transport has been using LHVs on Dutch roads since December 2000.

Results of deployment of LHVs show that:
– The overall transport movements decrease with approximately 10%
– Mileage drops by about 14%
– Emissions decrease by about 8%.

Safety and training

The safety of the drivers is of the highest importance to De Boer Transport. Therefore, drivers receive optimal training, in addition to the required and very rigorous LHV driver training.
The education consists of:
– Vehicle Training: vehicle inspection for damage and/or leaks, tire pressure, etc.
– Crime Prevention: sealing containers/cargo, recognising unsafe situations and prevent damage and theft of cargo.
– Safe Driving: keeping distance in order to bring the vehicle to a stop safely (even in emergency situations), awareness of the blind spot, driving in areas with a lot of people, etc.
– Low Consumption Training: includes optimal driving, awareness of fuel consumption, reporting of monthly fuel consumption to improve the awareness of drivers.

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