Customs clearance, customs warehouses and -premises

De Boer Transport is a knowledge hub in the field of customs. The logistics service provider has a team of experts in-house, all of whom can boast years of experience in the field of customs duties. Their expertise is broad and up-to-date! De Boer Transport holds all of the required licenses and supplementary guarantees. For instance, the company holds the AEO Certificate (Authorised Economic Operator). This certificate is issued by customs to companies that operate internationally and meet safety criteria. An AEO certificate offers companies numerous advantages. For example, inspections on cross-border trade are less stringent, and you get priority treatment. When inspections are carried out, AEO certificate holders are informed beforehand. The result: fewer delays.

In cross-border trade, De Boer Transport has all the tools to get goods into the green line as quickly as possible, so that fewer physical inspections are needed. De Boer Transport excels in facilitating cross-border trade 24/7.

Internal customs depots and premises

To avoid high costs in the port, De Boer Transport collects your goods from the port and stores them in internal customs depots if so desired.

Apart from the AEO certificate, De Boer Transport also holds the AEO certificate for physical procedures, trucking and warehouses.

A physical inspection, known as ‘Fysieke Controle’ or ‘FYCO’ is an inspection by
Dutch customs in which the doors of the container are opened and the contents of the container (as well as documents) are physically inspected. De Boer Transport can facilitate these inspections by diverting them to internal (private) depots.

De Boer Transport in the Netherlands has its own customs warehouses and premises of 20,000 square meters to store goods. Premises and sites have Type C customs warehouse status. De Boer thereby assumes responsibility for the goods in regard to Customs, thus relieving the customer.

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